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Marijuana Sounds
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"No stems no seeds that you dont need, Acapgold is.."
"Marijuana isnt a drug, I used to suck dick for coke!"
"I dont do drugs, Just weed"
"Aint nothing wrong with smoking weed..."
"Marijuana, marijuana, hey hey hey, lets get high"
"Come on man hang out for a minute and smoke wit me"
"Fuck you, fuck you, your cool..Im out"
"Let me tell you something, I love weed.."
"You have smoked yourself retarded"
"Smoked 2 Joints in the morning..."
"Let me get a pound of your sweetest.."
"Drugs are bad..Mmmm Kay"
"Marijuana makes you feel all depressed..."
"Drug user! Drug user! Get back here..."
"If you do drugs then your a hippy..."
"Lets give Kasey and his weed a big hand.."
"Thats some bad ass weed!"
"Im fucking wasted..Its the best ive ever tasted.."
"Alright..baong hits anyone?"
Beavis "Check it out...(bong hit..)"
"...if you dont think marijuana should be legalized, your fuct"
"I gotta joint... Smoke it!"
"Im stoned"
"Alright everyone, its 4:20, you know what that means..."
"Everybody must get stonned"
"Let me get to the point, lets roll another joint.."
Bong hit
Waterbong hit
"Farout man, I havent seen a bong in years"
"...dont bogart that joint my friend.."
"What you need is a fatty bo batty blunt"
"If you could do it again, would u inhale?"
Bong hit choked
Bong hit cough
"You need to calm the fuck down"
"Only way to catch a doper, is to become a doper"
"Hey, can I get a hit off that man?"
"You know what I do got man, I got a joint"
"I gotta clean my bong I cant mix the kind with the swag"
"Supporters of hemp legalization say..."
"Its dave. Dave? yeah dave! Oh daves not here"
"Your going to be doing alot of doobie rollin"
"You mean were smoking dog shit?"
"Ohhh a doobie, lets bogart that fat boy"
"Lets make a dope deal!"
"Smoke dog, arr arr"
"I told you, weed let you know, evil lurks"
"Are you gonna enjoy the good marijuana huh"
"Here man, have a hit off of this"
"Are you guys getting stonned again?"
"There is a plant thats saves lives and.."
"I love weed love it, but not as much as I love Pussy"
"Ha ha ha ha Im stonned"
"Just one hit then I gotta go"
"Ide like to tell you todays letter..but Im too fucked up"
"Hemp was once king of the crops"
leagalized Bonghits
"Take a smell, so you will know when someone is smoking marijuana"
"Your name is?..Maryjane..o Really?"
Mr Mackee gets high"
"You smoke a joint and you get the urge to eat pussy"
REAL Munchies!!
"Were outta papers. Ok get me ...."
"You guys wanna smoke a bowl or..."
"Marijuana effects the memory"
"I only hit it once and my head felt.."
"Pot, grass, weed, marijuana..."
"Puff, puff give..your fucking up the rotation"
"Get high with a little help from my friends"
Shaggy "We used to sit in back of the mystery van and do bonghits"
Smoke alarm "Smoke that shit in the kitchen"
"Im not saying im a pothead, I just smoke alot"
"Marjuana is da bomb"
"Toke it up man"
"My father was a drug dealer"
"Weed is from the herb, god put this here for me"
"Be very very quiet Im hunting...."
Bonghits and Marley
"Uh, who has the marijuana?"
Willies speech on legalizing marijuana

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