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Pot Glossary
4:20 - Time to light a fat Marijuana Joint
5-0 - Marijuana seeking cop
G13 - Government grown marijuana for medicinal use (g = government /13 = for marijuana - 13th letter )

A-boot - Under the influence of drugs
Accessory Canabinoids - The Canabinoids, CBC,CBD,CBN, which interect with the primary Canabinoids to alter their effects.
Ace - Marijuana cigarette
Adoption - When you hold the blunt/joint too long
African Woodbine - Cannabis cigarette
Air Head - Cannabis smoker
AK - Better than mid range quality of weed
Alice B. Toklas - Cannabis brownie
Amping - Accelerated heartbeat
Amsterdam - Smoke city in the Netherlands, where coffee shops are abundant and display menus of their hashish and weed. You can go there and openly smoke what you want. Also pre-rolled cones joints) are available
Are you anywhere? - Do you use Marijuana?
Ass clown - Someone who isn't stoned, but is surrounded by stoners - being a hater and fucking with you
Ass weed - Weed that stinks like shit or ass.
Attacks - Panic attacks that occur from being on drugs. Usually only happens with new users.
Audio Bud - Certain varieties of bud tend to produce intense audio focusing.
°Auto-gun° - technique used to give yourself a shotgun by cupping your hands tightly and holding the blunt between two fingers; then you inhale through a gap in your hands

B - Amount of cannabis to fill a matchbox
B and B - Blunt and bed
°B-40° - Cigar laced with cannabis and dipped in malt liquor
Baby habit - Occasional use of drugs
Baby J - A small joint made for girls
Babysit - Guide someone through first drug experience
Babysitting - The act of not passing a blunt, joint, pipe, or bong
Back door - Residue left in a pipe
Bad go - Bad reaction to a drug
Back up - Somebody you have who is not seen for a large drug deal.
Bodyguards unseen - If the deal goes bad they move in to stop the ripoff or save your ass. Usually will have guns.
Baggy - Small plasic bag of weed
Bageled - So damn high
Bag man - Person who transports money; a person who supplies narcotics or other drugs, a pusher
Baked - Nicely high
Baker - A person who smokes Marijuana
Bakery - House or dwelling where many can go anytime and get baked
Bale - A compressed brick of marijuana, usually ranging in weight from 10 to 40 pounds
Bam - Blunt
Bamboozled - Beyond recognition stoned
Bambu - Joint in rolling paper made of hemp)
Bammer - Low potency)
Banana - A joint
Bark - Blunt
Batted out - Apprehended by law
Bean - Cannabis seed
Beat artist - Person selling bogus drugs
Bee - Blunt dipped in honey
Belt - Effects of drugs
Belted - Under the influence of a drug
Bender - Drug party
Big boy - Pound of weed (16 ounces)
Big man - Drug supplier
Bighead - A thick spliff with three papers or more
Binger - A hit from the bong
Bingus - Bong
Binky - Cannabis cigarette
Biscuit - A fat nug of kind bud
Bishop's daughter - Quarter (1/4 ounce)
Bitched - see CASHED
Bite one´s lips - To smoke cannabis
Black Ganga - Hashish
Black Gold - High potency cannabis
Black Gungi - Cannabis from India
Black Maria - High potency cannabis
Black Mote - Cannabis mixed with honey
Black Russian - Hashish
°Blades° - Heating cannabis on a hot knife blade and then inhaling smoke
Blanket - Cannabis cigarette
Blast - To smoke weed
Blazed - To be under the influence of cannabis
Bliggity - Fat ass blunt
Blitzed - When your really high
Blizze/blizi - Another name for a Blunt
Blizzies - Blunts
Blizzle - A blunt
Bloint - When all you have is a joint of bud but only a blunt to roll it with
Blow - To smoke weed
Blow back - see SHOTGUN
Blown - Already hella high
Blown - High
Blue de hue - Cannabis from Vietnam
Blue Sky Blond - High quality cannabis from Columbia
°Blunt° - Cigar split open and filled with cannabis, then resealed
Blunt circle - Round up the heads to smoke a fat blunt
Blunted - Having more than one blunt
Blunt's worth - Enough bud to fill a blunt ( dime sack )
Boatin' - When the blunt burns uneven
Bob - Cannabis cigarette / blunt
Bogart - One who does not pass the marijuana, taking multiple hits before passing
Bolled over - Skipped in the smoke rotation out of disrespect
Bomb - When you take a hit and the weed doesn't cherry up but bursts into flames
Bombed - Unbelievably high, destined for explosion
Bomber - Large cannabis cigarette
Bone - Cannabis cigarette
Bong - Water pipe with carb, used to smoke cannabis
Bong Juice - The water in a bong, tastes and smells like the worst shit in the world.
°Bong Stand° - Leaving the bong on the ground and hitting it while doing a hand stand, and having some one else light it. You must stay upside-down until you exhale in order to complete the move. Blood rushes to your head giving you an instant head-rush when you get back down as well as getting you really messed up.
Boomba - Big, thick blunt
Booted - Under the influence of drugs
Boot the Gong - Smoke weed
Bowl - Amount of cannabis that fits in a pipe at once
Box-Dealing - The process of rolling shake joints and storing them in a box containing fresh buds to give them the odor of real bud to be sold as bud joints.
Boxed - In jail
Boy scout - Someone who always camps on a blunt
°Brain drain° - To hit the bowl/joint/blunt through one of your nostrils, while u hold the other nose hole closed
Bralik - A fat sack
Brick - A kilogram-sized slab or cube of compressed pot
Bristol Brown - Low quality weed
B-ster - Low quality weed
Bubbler - Hammer shaped water pipe used to smoke Marijuana
Bud Bunny - Female who likes to smoke bud and jump into bed
°Buddha blast° - Type of shotgun where the receiving end traps smoke with his/her hands to form a cave between the shotgun blower and his face and then inhales and clears the cave once it is filled to capacity with smoke
Bud-Raping - To harvest and smoke any part of the marijuana plant before the plant has matured and flowered.
Bull - Narcotics agent or police officer
Bummer - Bad time, bad trip, person or event which brings you down
Bun - Quanity of Hashish(1 kg or 1/2 kg)
Bunk - Bad weed, like the low THC content of farmed hemp
Burned - When a drug deal goes bad. Either your money is gone or you bought some bunk. Ripped off in a bad transaction. Robbed
Burn one - Smoke weed
Burning logs - Smoke weed
Burnt crisp - When you were toasted 3 hours ago, but didn't stop
Bush Oak - An Okie or red neck who likes to smoke weed
Busted - Arrested during a drug deal, or for possession
Butt - Low quality weed
Buzz - The euphoric effects of Cannabis
Buzzkill - Those people who ruin the buzz of everyone who smokes - usually loud and obnoxious

Cabin fever - When you are stoned, and don't leave the house or your room for a hella long time
Cad/Cadillac - 1 ounce
Cannabinoid - Active ingredient in Marijuana that makes one euphoric
Candy blunt - Blunts dipped in cough syrup
Candyman - Drug supplier
Cannabis - The Genus name of Marijuana and Hemp
Cam Trip - High potency cannabis
Can - 1 ounce of cannabis
Cancelled Stick - Cannabis cigarette
Cannon - Huge cannabis joint
Canoe - When the blunt burns evenly, and looks like a canoe
Capers - High grade bud
Carb - Hole in pipes and bongs used to clear chamber of smoke when done taking a hit
Carry - To be in posession of drugs
Cartucho - Package of marijuana cigarettes
Cashed - Bowl of cannabis that is empty, filled with ash
Catnip - Cannabis cigarette
C-Feazy - A blunt that's runnin like a marathon
Chamber - Weed pipe
Chara - Hashish
Chase - Smoke weed
Check - Personal supply of drugs
°Cheech° - Smoke out the car, windows up
Cherried - When a bowl of cannabis is burning well enough that it doesn´t require a lighter
Chewed - When your REALLY messed up
Chiefin' - When someone passes out and you draw on them, or insert toothpaste and peanut butter in their ears
Chiggy chone - Smoke partner
Chillum - Straight pipe used with cupped hands to smoke cannabis/hash
Chipping - Using drugs occasionally
Chop - Blunt
Chromatosted - Feelin very very high
Chronic - High quality weed
Clam bake - Smoking weed in an enclosed area
Clear up - Stop drug use
Climb - Weed cigarette
Clocking paper - Profits from selling drugs
Cloud nine - As stoned as you can get
Cluckers - Middlemen who facilitate the connection between buyers and sellers
Coasting - Under the influence of drugs
Cocktail - Partially smoked weed cigarette inserted into regular cigarette
Colas - Marijuana flowering tops
Commercial - Regular trees that are always available
°Compression session° - Smoking in a tent with everything closed
Cone - One bong hit's worth of weed
Connect - Purchase drugs; supplier of illegal drugs
Corners - Gettin in a circle to smoke
Contact High - To experience the effects of cannabis by breathing the smoke of nearby users
Cop - Obtain drugs
Copping zones - Specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs
Corn-stalker - Weed cigarette rolled in corn husk and sealed with honey
Crash - Sleep off effects of drugs
CreeperBud - Weed that´s effects come on slowly
Cripple - Marijuana cigarette
Crippy - High quality weed
°Crunked° - Fucked up on both liquor and weed
Crutch - A filter for the blunt
CT - A personal bong, blunt, etc. - (cant touch)
Cubes - Marijuana tablets
Cutie pie - Quarter-pound (4 ounces)
Cypher - Passing multiple L's during a smoke session in a circular motion

Dabble - Use drugs occasionally
Daddy - cannabis cigarette
Deimer - dime bag
Dibs - who has what place in the rotation
Diggidy - Very high quality Marijuana
Dime - $10 worth of marijuana
Dirt Grass - inferior quality marijuana
Disease - Drug of choice
Ditch Weed - Ferral hemp that contains low levels of THC and is not effective in achieving euphoria
Do a Joint - to smoke marijuana
Doe Doe - marijuana
Dollar - $100 worth of drugs
Domestic - weed grown locally
Doobie - Cannabis cigarette
Dope - Cannabis, or any drug
Dope Fiend - Cannabis addict
Dope Smoke - smoke weed
Double Barrell - taking a shotgun in each nostril - ouch!
Double Stack - when you fill up and clear your bong twice
Downtown Brown - Cannabis (low quality)
Draw - To inhale cannabis smoke
Dreaming - you ain't passing the blunt
Drizzoid - super high grade dro - must have come from aliens or the government or some shit
Dro - hydro
Dry - out of weed
Dry High - when your head hurts more than you being high
Duby - weed cigarette
Dutch Oven - smoking in a tent with everything closed
Dub Sack - $20 worth of cannabis
Dusted - see CASHED
Dutch Master - brand of cigar used to roll a blunt, burns nice and slow

Earth - cannabis cigarette
Easy Score - Obtaining drugs without difficulties
Eater - someone who eats cannabis
Eight Ball - 1/8 ounce of drugs
Eighth - 1/8 oz of cannabis
Elbow - A pound of weed
Elk Lungs - person that can take a big ass hit
Euphoria - The effect from smoking Marijuana

Fade - the money other people drop to smoke a blunt with you (usually $5)
Faded - under the influence of cannabis
Fall - Arrested
Fatty - cannabis cigarette
Fattarish - sack that is extremely big, and a decent grade of chronic
Feed Bag - Container for cannabis
Feinized - you've done smoked more than you could handle
Fiend - someone who smokes cannabis alone
Fifteen Cents - $15 worth of drugs
Finger - weed cigarette
Fire in the Hole - smokin out an enclosed area
Fire it Up - smoke cannabis
Fire Scoobies - the little pieces of burnt weed in your mouth from a shotgun
Fishhead - someone who constantly wets the blunt
Fish Tank - blazin it up so thick you can't see
Five Sack - $5 worth of cannabis(.35 grams)
Flame - the lighter you need to spark that L
Flying - Under the influence of drugs
Fly Mexican Airlines - to smoke cannabis
Following That Cloud - Searching for drugs
French Inhale - holding the smoke in your mouth and letting it creep out while inhaling through your nose
Fried - High on Marijuana
Fry an Die - when yah smoke some weed and then go to bed
Fubar - fucked up beyond all recognition
Fucked Up - i can't feel my feet
Fumble - to drop the blunt.. an easy way to get your stupid ass smacked in the head by all other smokers

G - $1000 or 1 gram of drugs
Ganoobies - The state of being stoned and laughing uncontrollably or being really stupid
Ganja - marijuana from Jamaican
Gar - cannabis rolled in cigar paper
Garcia Via - the harsh blunt, for true blunts smokers
Garr - large joint of cannabis
Gasper - weed cigarette
Geeked - high as hell
Get A Gift - Obtain drugs
Get A Gage Up - to smoke cannabis
Get Lifted - Under the influence of drugs
Get Off - to get "high"
Get Through - Obtain drugs
Ghost Hit - when you hold in your hit so long that when yah exhale, nothing comes out
Glittered - so high that the colors you see become like glitter
Godfather - a blunt which is emptied of its guts, without breaking and packed to the max
Goint to the Moon - Getting high, baked, or stoned
Go Loco - to smoke weed
Golden Leaf - good marijuana
G.O.M. - Good Old Marijuana
Gone - so high that you're outta there
Good Butt - weed cigarette
Good Go - Proper amount of drugs for the money paid
Good Stuff - high potency drug, especially marijuana
Good Lick - Good drugs
Goofy Jaw - after a few passes o' da blunt, when your jaw starts dancing and feeling ticklish
Gopher - Person paid to pickup drugs
Got it Going on - Fast sale of drugs
Gram - Hashish
Grandslam - same thing as a hatgun
Gravity Bong - water-based smoking device that uses air pressure and vacuum to flush massive hits right into your lungs
Green - inferior quality marijuana
Green Out - what happens when you smoke too much
Grief - leaf
Gun - a shotgun
Gungeon - poetent marijuana
Guts - the shit tobacco inside an uncracked blunt
Gyve - marijuana cigarette

Hadox - weed that just gives u a headache
Half a C - $50 bill
Half G - $500
Half O - A half ounce of marijuana
Ham Method - removing tobacco from the blunt without cracking, and stuffing as much weed as possible
Hand to Hand - Direct delivery and payment
Handle - Half an eighth, 1.75 grams
Happy Cigarette - marijuana cigarette
Harata - weed that smells good, looks good, but tastes like shit and does not get you high
Hash - A smokable drug formed from the secretory triachomes shaken or rubbed from floral clusters of Cannabis Marijuana, pressed together and shaped into blocks
Hash Oil - very potent oil-usually up to 97% THC
Hat Gun - put a baseball cap over your face, let someone blow a gunner through the hole in the back of the hat - breathe it in and out a few times... it's nice but close your eyes!
Hawaii - very high potency weed
Hay Butt - weed cigarette
Head Shop - Store specializing in the sale of drug paraphernalia
Heat - The police or narcotics officers
Heat Score - Someone who stands out in a crowd of stoners (in a paranoid bad way). Its not good to have these people around when cops are nearby
Heeled - Having plenty of money
Hell Hit - When instead of the bowl just cherrying up like normal, it bursts into flames (not really, just kinda lights on fire)
Hemp - Fibers made from the male marijuana plant. These fibers can be used to make paper, rope, and other useful common things
Herb and Al - marijuana and alcohol
High Nigga Pie - you done smoked yourself retarded
Hippie Granade - a seed, because they blow up when you light them
Hit The Hay - to smoke marijuana
Hit - a single puff of a drug
Hog Leg - big joint
Honey Blunts - Marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Hookah - Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking cannabis or tabacco
Holding - Possessing drugs
Honeymoon - Early stages of drug use before addiction or dependency develops
Hoot - a hit
Hot Box - see CLAM BAKE
Hot Stick - weed cigarette
Hubbly Bubbly - a hookah
Husemride - blaze and ride
Hustle - Attempt to obtain drug customers
Hydro - marijuana grown in a hydroponics system
Hydroponics - addicted to weed

Iceburg - really shiny, crystal covered weed
Icecream Habit - Occasional use of drugs
In - Connected with drug suppliers
In Crowd - People who throw secret parties for vipers only

J - Marijuana cigarette
Jack - Steal someone else's drugs
Jag - Keep a high going
Ja-lunt - a big joint that is rolled, 3 papers long and 2 papers thick (stands for joint/blunt)
Jay - marijuana cigarette
J-bill - A crisp legal-tender, used to aid rolling a joint
Jibba - a small blunt
Joint - marijuana cigarette
Jonesing - Need for drugs
Joy Popping - Occasional use of drugs
Joy Stick - marijuana cigarette
Juggler - Teen-aged street dealer
Juicy Face - when you choke on a blunt and your face feels like it has water building up behind it

Keef - The crystals that come off of marijuana bud
Keef Box - A box that has a slide-out mirror on the bottom, and a very fine screen on top. If you break up your buds (when packing bowls or whatever) over this box, the crystals (nothing bigger, anything larger should be filtered by the screen on top) will fall onto the mirror. When enough of these crystals build up, you can slide out the mirror, scrape the crystals off and put them on a bowl. It messes you up.
Kester Plant - Drugs hidden in the rectum
K.G.B. - Killer green bud)*
Kicker - really good bud
Kick Stick - marijuana cigarette
Kiff - Hashish
Klains - half joints

L - a blunt
Lay Out - Equipment for taking drugs
Leaping - Under the influence of drugs
Lefty - marijuana cigarette
Lemonade - poor quality drugs
Lid - 1 ounce of marijuana
Light Up - smoke marijuana
Light Weight - someone thats get high really fast
Lipton Tea - Poor quality drugs
Lit Up - Under the influence of drugs
Loaded - High
Locksmith - only rolls the fattest blunts
Log - Marijuana cigarette
Lumber - marijuana stems and wastes
Lunchin' - hogging the blunt

Make Up - Need to find more drugs
Mari - marijuana cigarette
Marijuana - A illegally produced drug cannabis.
Matchbox - 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes
Maui Wauie - Marijuana from Hawaii
Megg - weed cigarettte
Merchandise - Drugs
Mighty Mezz - weed cigarette
Mizzow - a smoking buddy
Mouth Wash - swishing a big hit of smoke around in your mouth then sucking quick and hard - guaranteed to cough if you do it right
Mow the Grass - smoke weed
Mule - Carrier of drugs
Munchies - symptoms of intense hunger after marijuana use
Mystified - Magically high. "Seeing things" and actually trippin

Nail - marijuana cigarette
Nailed - Arrested
Nickle - $5 worth of marijuana
Nigger Lipping - When you and friends are smoking a joint, and the roach or the end of the joint gets wet from saliva. (forgive the racism, as it is real slang)
Nugga Nooch - A large nug of marijuana
Number - marijuana cigarette

O - an ounce of weed
Ohwap - when you roll two blunts together
One Hitter - Small pipe with cavity for carrying enough bud for just one hit.
One Hitter Quiter - Pot that is so good, that one hit should mess you up to the point where you dont need to smoke anymore
On Ice - In jail
Onion - an ounce
Ounce - an ounce of weed
O.Z - an ounce of weed
Ozone - marijuana cigarette

Pack of Rocks - marijuana cigarette
Paggered - Completely fucked up, your gone
Pamurkulate - taking your time with the blunt
Pannatella - the finest grade of marijuana/large marijuana cigarette
Pandanomia - having enough money for an ounce but not able to find one
Panic - Drugs not available
Paper Blunts - marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing
Paps - rolling papers
Parker - one who fails to share a marijuana cigarette
Parlay - to steadily blaze
Party Bong - A bong in which more than one person can hit at a time
Party Foul - Among other things, spilling the bong juice (smells REALLY bad)
Paved - smoothly stoned, not much paranoia
P.B. - personal blunt
Peddler - Drug supplier
Pepsi Habit - Occasional use of drugs
Permastoned - a person who has smoked so much weed in they life that they act stoned even when they ain't
Perved - being hella stoned
Piece - a pipe
Phillies - cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana
Picked Up - smoked marijuana
Pin - thinly-rolled marijuana cigarettes
Pipe - device used to smoke something, consisting of a bowl, mouthpiece,and a tube connecting the two
Poke - to smoke a marijuana cigarette
Potunia's save - place the blunt in the bowl of a bong and hit - nice way to finish roaches
Power Hit - An especially good hit
Precautions - necessary steps taken before smoking not to make the spot hot
Precious - high-grade
Prescription - weed cigarette
Puff Daddy - a smoker who can take serious bong rips and not get phazed, or even cough
Puff The Dragon - smoke weed
Pulling a Squirrel - blowing up or passing out
Pummeled - when your too high to be in public, and just not good for you to be around society
Push - Sell drugs
Push Shorts - To cheat; sell short amounts
Pussy Lips - when an inexperienced smoker slobbers all over the blunt, making the hole close and smoke doesn't come out

Quad - Quarter Ounce of Marijuana
Quarter - One quarter ounce of marijuana
Quarter Moon - Hashish
QP - quarter pound of weed

Ragweed - inferior quality weed
Rainbow - colorful weed or weed that covered in colorful hairs - ( lime green, orange, purple, black... )
Ran Good - marijuan grown wild
Recycled Shotgun - giving someone a shotgun while the gun you just took is still chillin' in your lungs
Redout - it's when your soo high that your eyes are blood shot
Regs - regular weed, nothing special
Resin - The gunk that is left in a pipe or bong bowl after pot has been smoked in it. You can scoop this out and smoke it, it tastes nasty but it fucks you up
Resin Hit - A hit that consist of just resin, no Marijuana. Do this and you know your an addict
Re-Up - to go and get an abundance of weed once you're out
Rez - Short for resin
Roach - butt of a marjuana cigarette
Roach Clip - holds roach for you so you can smoke the last bit of weed without burning your lips/fingers
Roasted Toasted - you feel so burnt out and so high you cant do anything
Rockets - weed cigarettes
Rollers - Police
Rookie - Someone who has just started smoking weed
Run - uneven burning down the side of the blunt
Runners - People who sell drugs for others

Sack - bag of weed
Sam - Federal narcotics agent
Sandwich Bag - $40 bag of marijuana
Scoob - another name for a Joint
Score - Purchase drugs
Session - A period of time just for smoking Marijuana/roll that shit, spark that shit, smoke that shit
Scary High - the highest form of being high you can reach
Scavenger - this motherfucker never has any weed, but is always there to smoke yours
Score - To find pot to buy
Scuba Tank - when u give a shoti to two people at one time
Second Hand Hit - inhaling through your nose and mouth, so you get the smoke coming off the blunt in your nose, and the hit in your mouth
Shady - a place to smoke that seems it might get broken up
Shake - The leaves or parts of leaves that fall off of the buds and are left in the bottom of the bag
Shit - Any sort of controlled substance
Shlook - a puff of a marijuana cigarette
Schlangtatter - bong hit
Scoopy - laced blunt
Shell - uncracked blunt
Shotty Tube - a tubular device such as a vacuum attachment or a cardboard tube to take shotguns from - HITS HARRDD !!
Shot Gun - inhaling marijuana smoke forced into one's mouth by another's exhaling
Shwag - shit weed
Siamese Blunts - two blunts stuck end to end
Sinsemilla - Potent form of marijuana made by preventing fertilization of a female plant
Sipping -smoking
Skimped - when you get your ass cheated on how much weed u got, or when someone steals your bud
Skin - marijuana rolling paper
Skunk Bud - not so good weed but will get the job done
Sky Hoot - The Bong-Hitter has to stand up and quickly breathe in and out for 30 seconds (similar to hyperventilating) and once he takes a deep monster hit, someone grabs the tokers' chest and holds it while that toker holds his/her arms out in a T shape. The person holding the toker holds until he is lifeless and passes out. He will then wake up in a daze that leaves him with blurry vision, slightly deaf, and confused for about a minute. (Watch out for brain damage here, always make sure the person passing out is safe)
Slanging - Selling drugs
Sleepy Hollow - not passing the blunt
Slice - an eighth
Slim Goodie - a small sack of extremely good green
Smoke House - see HOTBOX
Smoke Out - Under the influence of drugs
Soles - Hashish
Spaced Out - when your so stoned that you're off in your own little world
Spark - lighter
Spark it Up - smoke weed
Spliff - weed inserted into cigarette paper and then smoked
Spring - giving a marijuana cigarette to another
Sprung - Person just starting to use drugs
Stacking - holding your hit in till the blunt comes back to you, then you hit it right after you exhale your last one, before taking some fresh air - kinda harsh, just try not to pass out from the lack of oxygen
Stall Warning - When a person is taking to long to take a hit you say "stall warning" as a sign that they are stalling the rotation and need to hurry up
Stash - One´s personal store of Marijuana
Steamboat - inhaling marijuana smoke trapped in toilet paper roll or similar device
Sticks - marijuana stems and waste
Stoned - Intense Marijuana intoxication
Stoner - A person who smokes pot
Stoney - Something that would be enjoyable while being stoned or being in a mood that is like being stoned
Straw - weed cigarette
Stuffing - carefully work the tobacco out of the blunt, of a blunt without cutting it, then just stuff the weed in with a pen
Sucka - a joke you play on people when they're high - ex. "ohh shit.." - "what yo" - "SUCKA!!"
Sunshine - almost completely white weed
Swishers - see BLUNTS

Tacked - high as hell
Taking on a Number - smoking marijuana
Tater Log - big joint
Tea Head - habitual marijuana user
Tea Party - smoke weed
Ten Chunk - $10 of weed
Thai Sticks - bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo
T.H.C - Delta-9-Tetrahydrocanabinol
Thyme - (or Oregano) Spices resembling marijuana in appearance, frequently used to defraud customers
Tin - container for weed
Toke - to inhale smoke, especially marijuana
Toasted - being baked, fried or high
Toe Up - when your so high, you just have no idea what the hell is going on
Toke Up - smoke weed
Torch Up - smoke weed
Torpedo - a blunt with a half ounce or more
Tout - Person who introduces buyers to sellers
Tray - $3 bag of marijuana
Tulip - Big, very fat joint in the form of a Tulip
Turf - Place where drugs are sold
Tuwamp - $20 of bud
Tweekin Out - uncontrollable laughing when your extremely high
Twist - weed cigarette / roll a blunt
Twizzled - drunk and high

Uber Bowl - A bowl packed with high quality bud, keef, and hash
U.P.I - you packin' it?
Ubie - a portable smokeless cigarette vaporizer.
Umpkin Blunt - beyond blunted, from smoking more then 3 blunts in one hour
Uncle - Federal agents
Underground - The drug-using sector of society
Up against the stem - addicted to smoking marijuana
Utilization - the act of smoking from a smoking device, can be used as a compliment

Vaporizer - Device that heats weed to the exact temperature the *active* chemicals will actually vaporize into a "thin mist". This "mist" is the vaporized, active chemicals which are then captured in a small glass chamber ready to be inhaled via the tube whenever you want to. Very healthy since there is NO smoke.
Vegging - The action of no-action, usually while severely stoned
Viper - marijuana smoker
Virgina Slim - a small ass blunt, (not even joint size)

Wake-N-Bake - smoking weed first thing in the morning right after you get up out of bed
Waterfall Bong - an empty bottle with a hole on the very bottom, about thumb size. Finger is placed over hole and then bottle is filled up with water leaving about 1 inch of room from the top. Bowl with weed is placed in mouth-piece. Keeping flame on the weed, finger is removed from hole and water gushes out, while sucking in thick dense smoke from the top. When water finishes gushing out, remove bowl, inhale from top mouthpiece and use hole on bottom as a carb to hoot.
Weezy Weez - an inexperienced smoker that catapults into the ranks of
Wheel Chair - good quality weed
Wompted - when your coming down after being fucked up for a while
W.O.W. - waste of weed, anyone who doesn't get high off your stash

Zig Zag - popular rolling papers
Zol - weed cigarette
Zombie - when you light a bud, and it slowly starts to creep out of the bowl
Zoned - The look someone gets where they seem like they're in another world, and reality becomes quite fucked up
Zoning - Staring off into space when you are stoned
Zooie - see ROACH CLIP
Zoomer - steam roller pipe
Zoot Fairy - girl who can handle her blunt
Zooted - so fucking high

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