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TGK High House Head Shops and Herbal Alternatives
Here you will find just about anything you will need! TGK High House has taken out the hard part of shopping online! We visited multiple online stores to bring you the best deals! Now you can see who has the best prices, best products, and best customer service all on one place!!!!
Find something your looking for and click on it, your link will open in a new window so you don't lose this page.
Grass City
Bongs, smoking pipes, water pipe, color changing glass, vaporizers

Acrylic Colored Bong
Price: $19.50
Size: 18 cm x 1.5"

Acrylic Double Colored Bong
Price: $38.50
Size: 37 cm x 1.5"

Bamboo Bong With Leaf
Price: $28.00
Size: 29 CM

Bamboo Coconut Large Bong
Price: $43.50
Size: 36 CM

Glass Pipe
Price: $10.00
Size: 13 CM

Penis Glass Pipe
Price: $14.50
Size: 21.5 CM

Pocket Puffer
Price: $7.25

Dug Out Pipe + Stash
Price: $11.25

Bukket Pipe
The portable, waterless gravity bong
Price: $20.95

Mini Vaporizer
Price: $59.95

Flavored Hemp Scented Paper
Price: $1.75
Quanity: 1 Pack/33L
Other Products:
152 Waterpipes
219 Hand Pipes
109 Color Changing Glass
51 Chillums
11 Dug Out Systems
22 Novelty Pipes
8 Vaporizers
70 Papers and Filters
17 Filling and Rolling Systems
12 Herb Grinders
18 Misc Accessories
Grass City Customer Service:
World Wide Shipping - Pay with: Credit Card, Pay Pal, Cash/Checks, Bank Transfer - 100% Secured SSL Online Creditcard Processing - Considerate Shipping in blank envelopes/boxes!
Blazing Dragon
One stop shop for all your altenative herbal suppliements. Tons in store, great prices! Featuring products such as Salvia Divinorum, Herbal Ecstacy, and more.

Salvia Divinorum x10
Price: $36.95
Weight: 1 Gram

Genial Vision
Price: $15.00
Weight: 50 Grams

True Pro
Price: $23.00
Weight: 30 Grams
Other Products:
4 Salvia Divinorum
5 Euphoric Smoking Blends
2 Dream Enhancers
2 Specials & Accessories
Blazing Dragon Customer Service:
Superior Quality - Complete Information - Unmatched Service - Convenience and Speed - Highest Level of Internet Security
Club 13
Head Shop featuring: Herbal Blends, Drug Test Answers, Fimo Bowls, Ceramic Hookahs, Wood pipes, Tobacco Pipes, Bowls, Chillums.

The Kitchen Sink Combo
Price: $99.97
1 gram 13X Extract
1/2 oz Organic Leaf
1 oz Wild Lettuce Opium
1 gram KanZak
and Butane Lighter!

Price: $16.97
Weight: 1 Grams

Salvia Divinorum Leaf
Sacred Sage
Price: $49.97
Weight: 1 Oz

Salvia Divinorum x13
Price: $69.97
Weight: 2 Grams

Coconut Papers
Price: $1.47

Mini Roller
Price: $4.27

Horney Goat Weed
Extra Strength
For men & Women
Price: $2.49
Quanity: 1 Serving

Classic Clay Pipe
Price: $11.47
Comes with case!

Palm Scale
Price: $89.97
Weighs up to 200 Grams

Nag Champa
Price: $2.87
Quanity: 14 Sticks

Drug Test Additive
Price: $32.97
Buy 5 get 1 free on all papers!
Also Carries:
Cigarette Clips
Water Pipes
Bowl Upgrades
Bags For Pipes
Club 13 Customer Service:
Wholesale - Overnight Shipping - Considerate Shipping - World Wide Shipping

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